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BRECON External Vibrators for the Conveying Industry

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External Vibrators for the Conveying Industry
For applications like conveying, sieving, loosening and breaking-up, BRECON offer a big range of external vibrators from 500 1/min up to 3.000 1/min. All these vibrators are available in 50Hz and 60Hz mains frequency and on request special executions (e.g. 500V) are available. We would be pleased to help you selecting the correct vibrator for your application.
Conveying and Sieving
The function and selection of external vibrators for conveying and sieving is quite similar. Only the positioning of the vibrators on the aplication is different. If you choose 3000 1/min, 1500 1/min, 1000 1/min or even less vibrations depends on the size of the material to be conveyed/sieved and from the desired conveying speed. For small size gravel like powder or fine sand 3000 1/min vibrators should be selected. Bigger size material like stone and big gravel requires lower vibration frequencies like 1000 1/min.
Loosening and Breaking-up
External vibrators are also used to loose blocks of the material in the outlet part of silos or other storing containers. Caused by the vibration the friction between the material parts is reduced and the adhesion between the material and the silo wall is loosened. For fine material like chalk and fine gravel 3000 1/min would be used and for material with bigger grain size the vibration would be done with 1500 1/min.